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Money-matters are always a contentious issue.

Those who have more than they need, fear that they will not have enough.

Those who have less than they need, fear that they might lose the little that they have.

Those who have virtually nothing, fear life itself.

Somehow, money controls almost everyone.

Financial Proficiency, like Love Proficiency, is, ultimately, a choice.

The reality of financial blessing or - disaster is a complex reality.

Finpro seeks to unleash the power of 'responsible and accountable appropriation' of the Gift of Money.


May those who are willing, ready and able, indeed reach their Financial Destiny.


Finpro DVD & Workbook @ R150,00 each, including 2 Bonus Sessions.
Excludes Postage and Packaging


Become part of the Network for Life.
Should your focus be on 'Financial Issues', please feel free to refer others to the Finpro Curriculum. .