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May 2012

It is cold and wet in Cape Town.

I don't know about you, but it seems that 'Doing Life' is becoming more and more challenging.

Not only are we struggling to balance our budgets, but we are also forced to face issues which we have no control over, eg. The Never-Ending Global Financial Crisis.

At least Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic Games are Events we can look forward to.

In the meantime we need to Live Life.

Some of us are, slowly but surely, getting there, while struggling through the sweat and tears and blood

Others are still grinding

Some have changed gears to start from scratch.

Others decided to quit altogether.

Whatever your circumstances, Lifepro could probably add some Value on either the Relationships' Front, or in the Financial, Workplace or Playtime Arena.

Willingness to embrace Life requires a certain level of maturity.

Accepting 'responsibility'; daring to become 'accountable' and risking the intricacies of 'commitment' sound like a rather 'mature approach'.

It is therefore important to know that the Lifepro Curriculum is not for the Faint-Hearted or the Comfort-Zoners.

Those who:
are willing and ready and able to take that Leap of Faith into the Unknown
have come to the End of their Excuse Ropes
have been going through the Motions for too long
are adamant to Exit some kind of Dependency Syndrome
are fed-up with the Immobilising Effect of Mediocrity
can stomach the Truth and are willing to try the Honesty Lane could benefit by the Lifepro Approach.

Those who are willing, ready and able to dive into Reality, are more than welcome to order the Lifepro DVD's and Workbooks.

To those Brave Ones: May the Lifepro Journey be a deeply fulfilling one!

To those who are still mustering Courage, rest assured, Lifepro is going nowhere.

You are more than welcome to take your Time.

To all the Lifepro Members and Visitors: Take Care until next Time!